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I really liked that outfit Sora was wearing in today’s episode so I drew him in it~


Might be spoilerish

There were arc v discussions happening last night and everyone is warming up to the idea that Yusho might be posessing/hypnotising Yuya with the crystal somehow, like the crystal was Yuya’s link to his dad who is most likely in the other dimension. It would explain the few times he lost conciousness during pendulum summoning among other happenings.

I’m happy that this theory is starting to gain some traction, it would be a unique spin on the series.

Rune-Eyes Pendulum Dragon! 


Can’t wait to see her face when she finds out it’s this guy:

Love Dart - an Arc-V fanfic


A/N: Tada! My first Dartshipping fic! It is actually loosely based on a Dartshipping comic where Yuuya is struck by Shingo’s dart and falls in love with him. It’s less obvious here, I know, but I just can’t see Yuuya being excessively mushy and lovey-dovey. (If anyone knows the name of that comic and its author, please let me know.) So, I hope you enjoy this fic! Reviews are appreciated.

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Love Dart

Summary: Yuuya is in love with Shingo! How on Earth did this happen? AR.

Rated: T

Genre: Romance/Humor (Drama)

Pairing: Dartshipping (Yuuya x Shingo); hinted: Fruitshipping (Yuuya x Yuzu); Candyshipping (Sora x Yuuya); Braceletshipping (Dark Duelist x Yuzu); one-sided Towershipping (Shingo x Yuzu)

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All he did was chuck a dart at Yuuya. Granted it was the real deal this time, and not just some poster he had hung in his secret haunt. However, the result should not have been… Even if he had given him false compliments. The girl with the pink pigtails - Yuzu, was it? - looked both as though she would throttle him for stirring Yuuya so, and utterly dumbfounded at the blush that colored Yuuya’s cheeks and crept along his neck.

So he was an admirer of the great Shingo Sawatari. Wonderful! How easy it would be to fulfill his task when his target was completely star-struck.

Whatever feelings he might have stirred were quickly abandoned once Yuzu was placed in harm’s way.

How humiliating! The King of LDS defeated by some clown from You Show Duel School (seriously, what kind of name was that anyway?). He would crush that Yuuya Sakaki. Without a doubt, he would! Him and his stupid, “Ladies and gentlemen!” and all of his flamboyant bullshit! Just some hackneyed duelist who got lucky in one duel. He would never make it in the entertainment industry, and Shingo would prove that to him.

“Geez, and I thought you were cool.”

Goosebumps raised all along his arms at those words as: 1) he was alone, at his hangout, contemplating various ways to repay Yuuya even greater humiliation than what he had been dealt, and 2) it was nighttime, and strange things always happened at night.

“Who’s there?” He fell from his chair, scrambling along the floor before making a beeline for his dartboard. “S-Show yourself, coward!”


A sucker-tipped dart (much like the ones he had thrown at Yuuya) was now stuck to his forehead. He squeaked and plucked it off with a quiet plop before clutching to it like a lifeline.

“Behind you, dork.”

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Arc-v 2nd OP & ED news

There’s been talks of the 2nd batch of OP/ED coming soon and who will perform it.

BulletTrain will be singing the 2nd OP

The ending will be done by Yuya/Reiji’s voice actors in a duet